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AWS CodePipeline Step by Step course logo

AWS CodePipeline Step by Step

Learn to create CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodePipeline and other AWS developer tools in detail with hands-on examples. Automate your application deployments to EC2 and S3.

  • Use AWS CodeCommit to host your private Git repositories and trigger your pipelines with Git pushes.
  • Build your applications and test your code automatically in each pipeline execution with AWS CodeBuild.
  • Deploy your build artifacts to S3 directly or EC2 instances with AWS CodeDeploy.
  • Perform all-at-once, rolling, and blue-green deployments on EC2 auto scaling groups with AWS CodeDeploy.
  • Create and delete AWS CloudFormation stacks in each pipeline execution and provision your infrastructure automatically.
  • Add manual approval steps in your CI/CD pipelines with Amazon SNS notifications and practice continuous delivery.
  • Deep dives into the build and deploy lifecycles, logging, and more.

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AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate course logo

AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate

Start learning AWS CloudFormation as a beginner and use it for your daily provisioning needs on AWS. Excel at Associate-level features of AWS CloudFormation.

  • Learn to create, update and delete AWS CloudFormation stacks.
  • Start writing your own templates with YAML and define AWS resources in them.
  • Increase the re-usability of your templates with parameters and mappings.
  • Conditionally provision resources and configure properties by defining conditions in your templates.
  • Enhance your templates by defining with outputs and using the Metadata section.
  • Create and execute change sets to update your stacks safely.
  • Use the 'cloudformation' commands of AWS CLI to manage your stacks.
  • Practice more with section activities at the end of each section.

This course is also a basis for AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced.

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AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate course logo

AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Intermediate to Advanced

Get more proficient at AWS CloudFormation by learning its more advanced, Professional-level features.

This course takes AWS CloudFormation Step by Step: Beginner to Intermediate as a basis and continues from there.

  • Organize your stacks efficiently with cross-stack references and nested stacks.
  • Configure your EC2 instances with AWS CloudFormation using EC2 UserData property and helper scripts.
  • Manage updates, replacements, and deletions on resources that support policy attributes.
  • Prevent updates of your stack resources during a stack update by setting a stack policy.
  • Bring your logic to AWS CloudFormation with custom resources.
  • Control stack creation flows with wait conditions.
  • Detect and resolve stack drifts, import unmanaged resources.
  • Deploy your serverless resources with AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM).

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